Sunset Tour

You will enjoy the Highlights of Valencia Tour and get a first impression about Valencian life. As Spanish people still hold on to their siesta, during the afternoon it can be pleasantly quiet in the streets. In the evening people go out with family and friends to have dinner, stylishly dressed and enjoying each other's company.

First we will drive to one of the most beautiful spots to see the sun go down; Dehesa del Saler, where you will enjoy the beautiful view over Albufera's lake...

Back in the centre we will drive along many terraces. Don't be surprised when people will wave at you and make pictures!

We will give you the best tips about food, drinks and nightlife. As we will be back at dinnertime, we can bring you to the restaurant of your choice. A perfect start of your holiday! 

We will admire the sunset in one of the most beautiful places near Valencia: the Albufera National Park. In fact, it is so beautiful that in ancient times it was referred to as the "mirror of the sun" in various Arabic poems.

Albufera is an Arabic word, "al-Buhayra" and means small sea. This coastal lagoon is located between the sea and the rice fields and is in an area that includes the estuaries of the Turia and Jucar rivers. Owned by the king since the 13th century, the lagoon was handed over to the state in 1865 and has been owned by the city of Valencia since 1911.

Don't forget to bring a photo camera.
You will use it for sure! 

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After the Golden Moment we’ll drive to the Beaches of Valencia. During the day it can be hot on the beach and on some parts quite busy, but in the evening Valencian beaches are the spots to chill-out.
After sunset, many people enjoy the beach because they have finished work and the temperature is a bit lower than during the day. You will see people playing volley, sports teams doing their workout and friends talking and drinking together.

As from here we will follow the Highlights of Valencia Tour. After the beaches of Valencia we will pass the America’s cup and the Marina Real. Then we will follow the complete Highlights of Valencia Tour, in reverse.

At the end of the Tour it’s dinnertime; Spanish people do not have dinner before 8 pm. Therefore you’ll see many people in the streets.

We will bring you to the restaurant or bar of your choice.
Having a refreshing drink on a terrace and waiting for your dinner you will for sure dream away...  

As we say:
Sunsets are proof that every day, no matter what happens
... can end beautifully! 

What you will see

All the sightseeings mentioned in the Highlights of Valencia Tour plus:

- Watching the sunset at Albufera (Dehesa del Saler)

- Many recommendations on bars/ restaurants

NB: As enjoying food is very important for Valencians as well as for tourists it is recommended to reserve a table.
Let us know what kind of food you love to eat and what kind of ambiance you prefer. We know a lot of different restaurants and will make your dinner reservation in advance. At the end of the tour we will bring you to the restaurant of your choice.

What is included

 3 h.Tour: € 220,- 
(2nd Person + € 60,-)

-A pick up at your accommodation/house
-Material (a safe helmet provided with a bluetooth headset for easy communication)
-A drink and a tapa
-A small bottle of water per person
-A selfie stick which you may use during the Tour
-A lot of recommendations for sightseeings, drinks and food
-Weather insurance (reschedule or 100% refund when it is raining)
-A lot of positive attention. You will feel like a queen or a king.
Don't be surprised when people are waving at you and making pictures