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 Valencia & Surroundings


Valencia… worldwide known for its Paella, Valencian Oranges and Fallas, is quickly becoming the most popular city of Spain. Although Valencia is the third biggest economic city of Spain, one can still feel the city’s authenticity… walking through narrow, pittoresque streets alternated with impressive historical buildings.

The city of ‘Valentia’, according to its original Latin name it means ‘brave, strong’ city which you will recognise in the proud mentality of the inhabitants, yet slowly mixed with modern influences. Valencia is made up of districts and tiny neighbourhoods. The majority of the most interesting sights are concentrated in just a few parts of the city.  

Ciutat Vella (or Old City) is a district which is very compact and contains the most famous sights of the city. Once a walled city, Ciutat Vella is made up of five small, interconnected neighbourhoods (barrios). The neighbourhoods are a real mix of old and new, with a lot of museums, restaurants, bars and colourful street art on every corner.

Sidecar Tours Valencia gives you the possibility to explore the city center in a very comfortable way. We will show you all the highlights and drive you through narrow streets which are not easy to find when you’re in Valencia for the first time. After leaving the old part of the city you will be surprised by another culture part:
... Valencia however still 'small', is a city of famous artists, fashion, music, opera, theatres and events. We will show you where to find all these different parts of culture.  


There’s more… Valencia not only has an old and a modern part, it also has a lot of nature. Two million square metres of gardens boost the city into a very green, fresh city. You will be surprised by the 9 km. Turia Gardens. In the old days a river, nowadays these gardens are the “green lungs” of Valencia. Added to this vast green space are almost 20 kilometres of beaches, awarded with the European Blue Flag status.

With Sidecar Tours Valencia you will also have the opportunity to explore the nearby countryside, a part which many tourists won’t even see. The Albufera Natural Park is a mediterranean ecosystem famous for its unspoiled forests, rice fields, dune beaches and the biggest natural lake of Spain. Heading up to the villages el Saler and El Palmar (Paella’s cradle) you will forget that you are on a citytrip.

For those people who have the possibility to stay longer than a few days, we have quite some tips to go into the wild. The Valencian region offers an excellent infrastructure for cycling, hiking and rock climbing. It has over 5.000 km of certified trails. Trails that peek at the sea from cliffs and trails that delve into the loneliest and most remote landscapes in a surprisingly mountainous region.

Put on your boots and conquer incredible walls, canyons and caves.

As we love going into nature and have explored the mountains over more than 30 years by cycling, hiking and even mountain climbing, we will be happy to help you in planning your full holiday, from citybreak to adventuretrip.  


We have to admit… we love food. Valencian life is easy going. One of the most important and best habits of the Spanish people is enjoying their meals. As we say ‘enjoy’ we Valencian people take it easy. Very easy. After a breakfast in the morning and an ‘Almorzaret’ (the second breakfast) we enjoy our lunch with family or friends.

What’s better than spending your precious time eating your Paella with your beloved ones and toast to life with a good glass of wine. Besides the famous 'Paella Valenciana' there are a lot of different Paella’s.

As we kind of have an addiction for food we can bring you to foodie hotspots, restaurants with Michelin stars, but also to cozy places where tourists normally don’t come.

In the evening it’s common to eat tapas. It's the best time of the day to dive into the typical Spanish streetlife in Valencia. Anything can be tapas: croquettes, ham and cheese, olives, octopus, gamba’s… truly anything.
A tapa is not a starter which is followed by a main dish. You will enjoy a lot of different tapa accompanied by a delicious glass of wine or a good beer.

... You will eat till you’re full and wish you could eat more. Friends of friends will join you at the table. Strangers become friends and at the end of the evening you’ll feel yourself adapted in the Valencian way of life.  


 ‘To be bored’ is something we don’t know in Valencia. There is always plenty going on in our city. Valencia is home to a number of popular festivals from the religious to the profane: a melting pot of rituals and rites, gunpowder and gardening…
One of the worldfamous events is ‘Las Fallas’. Every March the city is to be taken over by Las Fallas. Street Parties and massive handmade ‘monuments’ do appear in the streets.

From the end of February on one can see (and especially hear!) daily ‘Mascleta’s’ (massive firecracker concerts), a national art which cannot be missed. Streets are dressed with decorative lights and the smell of gunpowder fills the air, together with Valencian music, happy people and thousands of flowers.

Besides Las Fallas, one of the biggest streetevents of the world, Valencian people just love to celebrate. Catholic, religious events are celebrated through the whole year. Don’t think that these events are ‘quiet’ or even boring. As said… Valencia is a city of celebration… so you will find mass services and processions, but also plenty of colour, laughter, dancing, good food and of course, fireworks.  

If you're interested in art, you'll find a lot of art events in the city. Many (free) music concerts, exhibitions and sport activities. Watch a homegame of Valencia CF, 7 x winner of the Copa del Rey, Worldcup, UEFA Super Cup etc. or join one of the many sportclasses in the Turia Parc.

Let Valencia be you're home base during the yearly MotoGP at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Cheste.
And last but not least... Valencian nightlife is quite specific. While in many cities you instinctively look for the biggest building with neon lights to give you the best, in Valencia it is actually more popular to cruise through a few small places. This is the main staple of Valencian nightlife - small energetic disco-bars where people dance and talk at the same time.

If you don’t like to dance, there are also plenty of pubs to sit down. As Valencia has over more than 300 days of sun a year, terraces in Valencia are the perfect option if you want to enjoy life combined with a good temperature and the best atmosphere in the open air. Enjoy your beer or wine on a quiet terrace.