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The I want - definitely - food Tour

The I want - definitely - food Tour

After the Highlights of Valencia Tour we will jump into a culinary journey. The tour will include 3 different tapas and 2 glasses of wine/ beer/ soft drink per person.
For this experience we will drive you to an area which is not visited by many tourists: Cabañal. Here we will go to the local market and see how fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are sold to the locals.

Do you want to prepare your dinner with local products? We will help you in buying the ingredients that you need. Or do you want to buy some gifts for your family or friends? What about a sealed package of delicious ham or a good bottle of olive oil. We will be glad to help you!
Of course we will visit a typical spanish bar (bodega or tavern). As we are real foodies we love to share food with you. If possible on the day and time of your trip, you can even buy fresh fish at the market and let it be prepared at the bar especially for you!  

Food Tour Sidecar Tours Valencia

A visit to Cabañal, the old fisherman's quarter with it's coloured houses and real Valencian streetlife.

Right behind one of the famous beaches of Valencia you will find the old fishers area Cabañal, an independent part of the area also called ‘Pueblo nuevo del Mar’.

The quarter (barrio) is not a tourists attraction at all. It is an ordinary area where locals live their life. But despite this, or maybe because of this: you will see the authentic Valencian typical neighbourhood. You will get a glimp of the daily atmosphere...

Cabañal is famous for being adorned with colourful ceramic tiles. You’ll see them on the bottom of balconies and covering the entire facade of the traditional houses.
It’s the best place to buy fresh fish, meat and vegetables and cheaper than in the centre. Fish from the market here is incredibly fresh.

The architectural value of Cabanyal is huge. We’ll see Baracca’s (old fishershouses) and coloured buildings in a kind of labyrinth build up streetplan. It might all look a bit ‘faded glory’. Nowadays the area is- slowly- renovated. So if you would like to see what life in Valencia really means, you have to visit Cabañal now. There is a very big chance that the area will be totally changed within a couple of years.

What will you see

All the sightseeings mentioned in
the Highlights of Valencia Tour plus:

- Beaches of Valencia
- Wineries or taverns with the best tapas in town (including 3 tapas and 2 glasses of wine / beer / soft drink per person.)

- Cabañal (the old fishing district)

NB: We might come across some places where farmers are selling their local products like vegetables and fruits. Depending on the opening times, we can stop at one of these stands. If you want to buy fresh products like delicious watermelons or oranges, please bring some small money.

What is included

 3 h. Tour: € 240,-  
(2nd Person + € 60,-) 

-A pick up at your accommodation/house
-Material (a safe helmet provided with a bluetooth headset for easy communication)
-A small bottle of water per person
-A selfie stick which you may use during the Tour
-A lot of recommendations for sightseeings, drinks and food
-Weather insurance (reschedule or 100% refund when it is raining)
-A lot of positive attention. You will feel like a queen or a king.
Don't be surprised when people are waving at you and making pictures