Sidecar Tours Valencia

Go into the wild Tour

Go into the wild Tour

You will enjoy the Highlights of Valencia Tour plus the unspoiled countryside. Valencia has a beautiful, quiet countryside where many tourists won’t come during their stay. This is one of our favorite tours!

As soon as we leave the city we will ride along endles ricefields. The Albufera Nature Park is a Mediterranean ecosystem famous for its unspoiled forests, rice fields, dune beaches and a huge lake.This lake is the biggest natural lake of Spain…the lake is protected as a national park, but still feeding the neighboring rice fields.

We try to avoid the highway and will visit El Palmar, a small village famous for its Paella! 

Sidecar Tours Valencia Ciudad

After visiting the city centre and the many highlights we will leave Valencia and go into nature. As soon as we leave the city you'll see a different landscape. As we drive to the east we will pass the Port of Valencia. The Port of Valencia is the fifth busiest seaport in Europe and also the largest in Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. The port of the history began in 1483 and is an important employer for the area, as it provides jobs for more than 15.000 employees. It's a centre of economic activity and provides services to more than 7.500 ships every year.
Driving further to El Saler Beach and Albufera Natural Park you will forget that you are on a citytrip. El Saler Beach is totally different from the famous beaches on the westside of Valencia. White sand, dunes and pine trees make it to a beautiful natural beach, popular by locals.

Leaving El Saler we will automatically drive into the Albufera Natural Park, the largest natural lake of Spain. The park is one of the most important wetlands in the Iberian Peninsula. If possible we will avoid the highway and go into nature. Of course we don't want to disturb the wildlife... but we will get as close as possible.

Imagine the moment we have parked our sidecar. We're sitting on the grass and overlooking the endless rice fields. The hustle and bustle of the city is far away. Birds are everywhere... sometimes you don't see them, but only hear them. It is said that, especially during the migration period you can spot 100 different bird species in one day. Birdfreak's will get crazy... some birds that you can often spot in the Albufera Natural Park are the Red-knobbed Coot, the Balearic Shearwater, the Audouin's Gull and even the broad-billed Sandpiper and Flamingo’s!  

Sidecar Tours Valencia Country

We'll leave the animals in their habitat and drive further to the small village El Palmar. This small village, cradle of the worldfamous dish Paella is nothing more than a few streets in the middle of the ricefields. The village however was the setting for many of the works of the author Vicente Blasco Ibanez.

Food is the attention in El Palmar. Paella, de indisputable queen of Spanish food. There are as many types of Paella as there are bars and restaurants in Valencia. Besides the traditional 'Paella Valenciana' there are different meat Paella's, Seafood Paella's, mixed Paella's and even black Paella's (Arroz Negra) served with black rice due to octopus or squid ink.

If possible on the day and time of your Tour we will take a look in the kitchen of a restaurant. Here you can see how the Paella is cooked in the traditional way in big pans on firewood. As the Valencian's take their Paella serious, be prepared to learn a lot of interesting facts. After the small 'sneakpeak' in the kitchen we will have a drink on the terrace and eat a small tapa.  

We will make a short walk through the village and show you the oldest 'Barraca' of Valencia. Once home to farmers and fishermen, only a few of these old houses remain. They are build from local materials such as mud, reeds and wood. The Barraca in El Palmar is the oldest one of the area. The ceiling retains it's original structure from over 200 years ago.

Altough El Palmar is very small, you can spend a day with a boattrip (Paseo en Barca) or hiking on one of the easy trails. We can provide you with information for a next visit or even help you with booking your boattrip.

What you will see

All the sightseeings mentioned in the Highlights of Valencia Tour except:

-Estadio Mestalla
-America’s Cup and the Marina Real  

-Beaches of Valencia 

After visiting 'the Ciutat de les Arts y les Sciences' at the end of the Turia Parc we will drive eastwards. Here you will see:

-The Port of Valencia (the fifth biggest Port of  Europe)
-El Saler Beach

-Dehesa del Saler (Albufera's Lake) 
-The many rice fields in the area/watching wildlife
-El Palmar 

NB: As enjoying food is very important for Valencians as well as for tourists it is recommended to reserve a table.
Let us know what kind of food you love to eat and what kind of ambiance you prefer. We know a lot of different restaurants and will make your dinner reservation in advance. At the end of the tour we will bring you to the restaurant of your choice.

What is included

3 h. Tour: € 220,-
(2nd Person + € 60,-)

-A pick up at your accommodation/house
-Material (a safe helmet provided with a bluetooth headset for easy communication)
-A drink and a tapa
-A small bottle of water per person
-A selfie stick which you may use during the Tour
-A lot of recommendations for sightseeings, drinks and food
-Weather insurance (reschedule or 100% refund when it is raining)
-A lot of positive attention. You will feel like a queen or a king.
Don't be surprised when people are waving at you and making pictures