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Highlights of Valencia

Highlights of Valencia Tour

This tour will lead you through the old city center to the beaches of Valencia. During the tour we will pass the highlights of the city. We will tell you everything about the history of the buildings and its function nowadays.
Driving through narrow streets you will be surprised of the authenticity of this city.
As soon as we leave the centre we will drive to the beaches of Valencia where we will enjoy a drink and a tapa.
The Highlights of Valencia Tour is a Tour that you can’t miss. This Tour is the basis of all the other Tours and shows you the historical and architectural sights of Valencia as well as the charming, pittoresque streets of the old City. We will show you the diversity of the city where old and new is combined.  
As Valencia is a modern but still authentic city, in some streets you will feel like you’re back in the old days. Valencia’s history goes back entire millenniums, back to the day that Roman warriors set down along the River turia. You’ll see the diversity left by the Visigoths, the Moors and the Christians. 

"Something we will always remember"

Kathy & Laura, Melbourne

What will you see 

Plaza de Toros (the Neo- classical styled bullring of Valencia, build between 1850- 1859) 

Estación del Norte (the main railway station, work of the Valencian Art Nouveau, Good of Cultural Heritage, 1987) 

Torres de Quart (a part of the old christian city wall, later used during the civil war and as a prison)

Portal de Valdigna (the gate between the christian and the moorish area)

Torres de Serrano (important landmark and one of the best preserved monuments, part of the old christian city wall)

Convento de Santo Domingo- Capitanía General (the church and the convent of the holy Domingo, 1239 a.c.- National Artistic Monument since 1931)

Calle de la Paz (one of the oldest streets with beautiful architectural buildings and luxury shops)

Cathedral and Miguelete, including Plaza de la Reina (Valencia's bell tower attached to the famous cathedral on one of the most famous squares) 

Capilla Santo Caliz (the artifact, known as the Holy Grail, used during the Last Supper)  

Mercado Central (one of the oldest and biggest Central Markets of Europe)

Lonja de la Seda (late civil gothic building, used for silk exchange- UNESCO 1996) 

Plaza del Ayuntamiento (biggest square with the old City Hall, Postoffice and Flower Market)

Ciutat de les Artes y les Sciences (Modern, architectural complex- one of the '12 Treasures of Spain') 

Turia Park (9 km. of 'green lungs' which used to be a river) 

Estadio Mestalla (home of Valencia CF and the oldest football stadion of Spain)

Americas Cup and the Marina Real (home of the America's cup- Regatta in 2007/2010) 

Beaches of Valencia (we will see 3 of the 8 beaches of Valencia- Malvarossa, Las Arenas and Patacona)

What is included

 2 h. Tour: € 170,-
(2nd Person + € 60,-)

-A pick up at your accommodation/house
-Material (a safe helmet provided with a bluetooth headset for easy communication)
-A drink and a tapa
-A small bottle of water per person
-A selfie stick which you may use during the Tour
-A lot of recommendations for sightseeings, drinks and food
-Weather insurance (reschedule or 100% refund when it is raining)
-A lot of positive attention. You will feel like a queen or a king.
Don't be surprised when people are waving at you and making pictures